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Welcome to Yocaaf

YOCAAF is an independent non-governmental organization mandated to coordinate and help the disable, orphans, assist street children and to promote community development for the youth in the rural and urban centers.  YOCAAF again also takes upon itself to promote the artistic values, culture, and commercial potential of the youth in the rural and urban centers of Ghana, Africa and beyond. With the primary focus on empowering the youth to ascertain higher height in areas like education, training, career development, Agriculture etc...

Our main area of work YOCAAF

  • Agriculture
  • Environmental Protection
  • Education
  • Art & Culture
  • Humanitarian Activities
  • Tourism
  • Festival Art Fair & Exhibitions
  • Fashion Show
  • Global Risk & Disaster Management 

    African Culture and People

    African Art culture is credibly interesting because it is in diverse ways. Every African country is made up of a mix of tribes each with their own unique language and culture. As small as Ghana is, it can boast of more than 30 tribes giving it that rich African mix.


    We are all in this together – and we are glad you are visiting our site. This is our online meeting place, where we organize our activities, share ideas, and publicize our mission.