Youth For Creative 
  African Art Focus


Vision of Yocaaf: A vibrant arts and culture sector that is professional, creative and viable and contributes to social and economic development in Ghana and Africa.

Mission: To uplift arts and culture (specifically visual and performing arts) in Ghana and Africa and beyoned by stimulating original intra- and interdisciplinary cultural exchange and creativity.


- To help the Disable, Orpanaes, and Assist the Street Children

- To Promote Community Development for the youth in the Rural and Urban Centres

- To Promote the Artistic Values, Culture, Commercial , Potential of the youth in the rural centres of Ghana and Africa and Beyond

- To increase awareness about the important role that arts and culture play in societal development;

- To increase access to artistic and cultural activities in Ghana

- To provide platforms and develop sustainable structures for artistic and creative development and exposure of Ghanaian artistes; and

- To strengthen the Yocaaf brand and ensure that Yocaaf is a sustainable and well-respected organisation with solid governance, management and implementation structures. Values: respect, shared leadership, transparency, accountability, learning, collaboration.


Yocaaf Board:  

His Royal Highness Nana Kojo Tetteh III (Patron)

Mark L. Allotey (President) 

Godfred Ampofo Attafuah (Vice President)

Shelester Boateng  (Vice Presdient)

George Kofi Dunyo ( Administration Assistant)

Abubakari Kananet (General Secretary) 

Emmanuel Aryeetey Armah (Artistic Director) 

Sena Atsugah (Assistant  Artistic Director )

Management Team: (Director), (Assistant Director), (Finance and Administration), (Administration Assistant)

Regional liaisons in Greater Accra, Northern, Upper East, Upper West, Volta, Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Central, Eastern, Western

Ms. Hafiza Addae - Regional Liaison - Tamale, Northern

Brief Description 

Youth For Creative African Art Focus recognises the significance of arts and culture in social and economic development as well as individual human development. It recognises the potential of the arts and creative industries and has been dedicated to contribute to making Ghana a significant hub for arts and culture on the African continent.

To achieve its goal, the Art Focus has organised a wide range of activities, ranging from annual festivals – most notably (since 2010) the Yocaaf founder travel to Spain in the city of Zaragoza to introduce inter culture exchange. In this year 2012 Yocaaf will introduce it first eternally Art Festival by name Accra International Creative Folklore Festival AICFF to be held annual in the month of October and will put in place series of Yocaaf Regional Festivals – and extensive training programmes for artists and other actors (such as arts managers, arts journalists) to debates and discussions about arts and culture and cultural and artistic exchanges. In delivering its programmes and objectives, Mr. Mark Latifu Allotey has gained a reputation far beyond the confined borders of Ghana by take traditional rulers to showcase our heritage by offering “excellence in creativity”.

The programmes and activities of the Organization will add profound effect on the state of arts and culture in Ghana. They have catalyzed important changes for artists and other actors and have contributed to enhanced cooperation and collaboration amongst actors. To leave a lasting mark on the sector and society at large, the Organization is resolved to make further investments in the sector in conjunction with its ever growing national, regional and international network of partners and supporter.

About Yocaaf

Youth For Creative African Art Focus

Founded on 3 Sptember 2010, legally incorporated on 25 June 2012 as a (Not-for-Profit) code, 1963 (ACT 179) A private company limited by guarantee.

Address: P.O. Box AN 10622, 

Accra North.   Ghana. West Africa

Tele: +233 268003003

Tele: +233 236666444

E-mail: [email protected]

E-mail: [email protected]